UM Thesis Template *update

UM is the first template I designed few years back, always my first priority to get it done. UM thesis guidelines have change from 2013 to 2015 edition, new guidelines prepared to be more 'MS Word' friendly.

I dont know how many times the template has been modified but I'm sure it help students out there. This template style design with nearly 95% automated formatting and another 5% still need to do manual editing such as TOC, table/figure caption.

This template design based on this guy name Kesh – Aug 2016, he ask me to format his thesis and was successfully given green light by IPS UM in term of formatting, so i guess anyone used this template should have the same results.

See his comment "You transformed the thesis from a proton to BMW". smiley. So if you want to transform your thesis, you know what to do. 


So you can download at menu thesis template.

Please leave comments to help me fine tune this template.

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